• Fortifying Global Trade Ties
    Between South Korea and the United States
    Don’t let distance discourage you.
    Leverage trusted, global partnerships to expand your business.
  • Leave the Transportation
    & Logistics Up to the Experts
    Leverage our valuable network and partnerships in both South Korea
    and the US to import and export goods effectively and inexpensively.

About Us

OMNI Enterprise, Inc. is an international trading company with a focus on bridging and supplementing global trade between South Korea and the USA.

International Trade & Procurement

Businesses in both the US and South Korea will be able to utilize our network to develop and build trade relations.

Import & Export Assistance

Importing and exporting is made easy with access to our exclusive partnership with an experienced freight forwarding company.


With warehouse locations in California and New Jersey, finding a reliable storage and distribution channel will be streamlined with our network.


Take advantage of our proprietary e-commerce marketplace to extend your customer reach and scale your business.

What We Do

As a key trading partner for the USA, South Korea continues to influence the growth of today's economy in the United States.

Whether it be industrial goods or consumer products, OMNI Enterprise utilizes its vast network to help businesses in both countries to develop a foundation and/or stimulate global trade to bear the fruits of the growing alliance.